Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I'm Becoming a Vegetarian

Recently, after wondering about the practices of our meat industry, I decided to do some research online. What I found was disturbing, to say the least. I watched video footage of animals being mistreated and abused. I was shocked to see how these animals are housed and transported and even more shocked to see how they are killed. I guess as meat eaters, we don't like to think of our food as something that was living, walking, breathing and eating. We don't want to think about what it used to be. I think we tend to think that a piece of pork was always just a piece of pork. Well, after watching these videos, I can no longer see meat as just meat. Horrified at what I saw, I posted a link on my Facebook page and asked all my Facebook friends to please take a minute to watch. I felt everyone should at least be informed at what goes on before the meat hits your plate. I'm not sure if anyone even watched it. I had no responses and no comments to my post. I guess, for most people, it is easier just not knowing. I was so moved by the things I saw that I decided I would not eat anymore meat and I was going to try to get my family to join me.

After making my decision to become a vegetarian, I shared my thoughts with my husband and to my surprise, he was eager to try life without meat. My husband has always loved his meat. In fact, some of the best meals I made were meat dishes that I created just for his love of meat. I was shocked that he was willing to give that up. He told me that he wanted to eat healthier and he trusted that I would be able to create good tasting meatless meals. We are both approaching forty and we want to make sure that we stay healthy. Even more, I am concerned with the health of my children. I am concerned about the reports of antibiotics and hormones that are given to animals and how these are passed to the children in the meat. Eating healthy is already something we have been trying to do. We juice raw vegetables and eat whole grains. I guess giving up meat was just the next level in our goal to become as healthy as we can. Now all I have to do is convince the children!!

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  1. I had the same revelation about factory farming last year, in the fall. I had always stuck my head in the sand when people talked about the conditions animals were living in because...well, meat tasted good! Growing up, I am pretty sure meat was served at every meal. No meat = not a proper meal, in fact.

    Anyway, I've also been an animal lover, too, and so finally, I decided I can't just turn a blind eye and continue to be part of the problem. Also like yourself, I started to think of the health benefits, too. My parents both passed from complications due to diabetes and cancer, and I needed to change.

    It isn't always easy, but for me the trick is to eat a large variety and explore different ethnic foods. There are some amazing dishes out there that I would never have discovered had I continued on my big meat fest, and I am happy about that.

    Continued good luck and good health!