Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Veggie Shopping Done Right

After my last trip to the grocery store, I quickly realized that I needed to know what I needed to buy before trying to shop.  I looked up some veggie meals to get some ideas and see what I would need.  So I made my list and headed out.  I tried a different store this time.  The one I went to last time was a very big store and I felt so lost in there.  I hadn't a clue where to find anything.  This time, things went much better.  As I shopped with my list in hand, I took my time as to make sure I didn't miss anything that I might need.  I found so many more vegetarian products that I didn't know existed.  It was like I discovered a whole world of food that I never knew was there!  For years I passed by all these products on my way to the meat, never for a minute stopping to see what they were.  I was always focused on getting what I needed and getting out.  But now that I have discovered all these other options, I have tasty, healthy and meat free options that my family will love.  For example, I found a pack of breaded veggie patties that looked like chicken.  Also I found a veggie product that looks like grilled chicken pieces.  I knew that these products were going to be great for the kids.  If I could make them feel like they are eating chicken, then that will be success!
After completing my shopping, I headed home with great enthusiasm that I will be able to continue this journey without compromising great meals.  I wanted to make a meal that looked and tasted so good that the kids would never know that it was a vegetarian meal.  I decided to use the breaded chicken patties and created something with that.  After all, children love breaded chicken and I wanted to fool them!  I decided to make "Chicken" Parmesan.  Not only did it come out great, it was so easy to make.  The patties heated up in less than 20 minutes in the oven.  I just topped them with spaghetti sauce and shredded cheese when they were almost done.  Then I served them with whole wheat spaghetti tossed in spaghetti sauce and some homemade garlic bread.  The kids and my husband loved it. My husband knew it was not chicken but the kids had no idea they were eating veggie patties.  My husband told me that his youngest asked him why were they eating chicken. He seemed happy as if he was glad that he could now eat meat again.  With a smirk on his face, he asked him, "Did you guys give up already?"  Success!!

"Chicken" Parmesan with Whole Wheat Spaghetti

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