Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Little Herb Garden

I've love cooking with herbs. I think they bring so much flavor to any dish.  In fact, my first wedding present was a rotating spice rack that I just love and still use today.  I keep it right next to the stove so I have all my herbs at reach while I'm cooking.  But since my shift to go vegan, I have wanted to take things to the next level-which means switching to fresh herbs! 

So today I went out and bought my first herb plants to grow at home.  Since I don't really have much yard space, I wanted to grow them in pots to put in the kitchen windowsill.  I'm not really sure how well they will do in the kitchen, but I guess I will find out.  I've never grown herbs before so I don't know which ones do well inside and which are best outside.  I suppose, like everything else, I will learn as I go.

I started with rosemary, basil and mint (for hubby's mojitos).  I already used some of the rosemary in tonight's dinner (which my toddler actually ate all of it).  I just love having the herbs growing right there in my kitchen.  They smell so good, not to mention it makes my kitchen look more like a real chef's kitchen!

I also picked up a Grape Tomato plant.  I have no idea how to grow this thing, but I guess I will learn this as well.  Growing up, my father always grew tomatoes, as well as many other fruits and veggies.  He would spend every weekend outside gardening.  Although I think he did it just for relaxation because I don't remember us ever eating the food he grew. 

Well, I hope some of his green thumb was past on to me so I can be successful in growing my own fruits, veggies and herbs.  Of course, let's see how well I do with this plant and the herbs in my kitchen before taking on more challenges.  It will be so rewarding to literally "eat the fruits of my own labor!" Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. Fresh herbs are the best. I wish I had more sun in my kitchen because then I'd grow them all year. Rosemary, tarragon and parsley are my only winter survivors.

  2. Here’s a tiny tip for your grape tomatoes: they grow quickly! Haha! Great choice of new herbs and plants to start with. It’s definitely a very healthy mix. The mint should be particularly useful, not just as a spice or flavoring, but also for medicinal purposes. Mint is great for aiding digestion and relieving indigestion, among many benefits. Good luck with your herb garden!