Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project Food Budget: Week 6

Project Food Budget: Week 6

 Week: May 8- May 14
Budget: $120
Spent: $124

After taking a week off from my budget last week, I knew this week I would have to be extra careful not to go over budget. Well, I did pretty good! I was only over by $4. I decided to go to just one store this week and see if I could get everything I needed there without having to go to more than one place. So I went to my local grocery store and left Whole Foods for next week.

Each week I seem to find more things at my local grocery store. I'm not sure if they are carrying more items, or if I am just getting better at finding them. I am finding many things that I could only find at Whole Foods before. I recently found dairy free ice cream the other day. Sure they don't have the selection that Whole Foods has, but it will hold me over for now. Now if I could only get them to carry vegan cheese!

I used to have three stores that I would shop at, but after a recent shopping trip to one store, where I found old rotting food, mold in the garlic and even maggots in the potatoes, I have decided never to return to that store. Now I see why the prices are cheaper! I would rather have better food and pay more. I may have to increase my budget a bit, but I think it is worth it!!

This Week's Lesson Learned: Be careful shopping at cheap grocery stores...you just might get what you pay for!

On this week's menu:
Tofu Lo Mein
Sloppy Joe's
Shepherd's Pie
Veggie Pasta Marinara

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