Friday, June 24, 2011

Tofu Scramble Saved Our Sundays

Since before we were married, my husband and I have always enjoyed having breakfast together.  Whether we went out to a restaurant or cooked at home, breakfast has always been sort of a time when we can sit down together and connect for just a little while before the stress of the day begins.  Sometimes we might not even speak much to each other.  We may just eat our food and read a magazine or a newspaper and still feel so connected for a little while.  Before we were married, we used to meet often in the mornings at a local Cuban restaurant before going to work.  It became sort of a tradition with us.  He would call me and ask me if I would I like to have breakfast, and I of course would say yes and we just knew where to go.  If we got there at the right time, we would have an hour before having to leave to go to work. It was a great way to start the day.

After we were married, life became very busy and it became harder to find many mornings for a relaxing sit down breakfast.  So we tried to at least have Sundays.  If we could get up early, we would have time to ourselves to have a Sunday breakfast before all the children woke up and the craziness of the day began.  Breakfast then was usually scrambled eggs with onions, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese.  That would be accompanied by either steak, pork or sausage and a side of toast with butter.  And let's not forget the latte! I think my husband lived all week just waiting for that Sunday breakfast knowing that it would be so tasty and filling.  It was our favorite time of the week...and then we became vegan!

Becoming vegan changed our lives in many ways and always for the better.  However, I was having trouble trying to find a way to still have those great Sunday breakfasts and sticking to a vegan menu.  For a while, we would just have toast, cereal with soy milk, or oatmeal.  Don't get me wrong, I love all these things for breakfast and during the week, this is what I will usually have.  But I wanted Sundays to be different, to be the breakfast that we fell in love with together and to continue our tradition. 

So I began to search and discovered a recipe for Tofu Scramble.  I was't sure how good tofu would be as a substitute for scrambled eggs and I thought my husband will not like this.  Then shortly after, I saw someone prepare it on a morning talk show and I thought to myslef, I have to try this...and so I did.  After serving it to my husband, I was completely prepared to hear him tell me that he didn't like it, but instead, I was surprised to hear him say, "this is really good!" I couldn't believe it, he loved it!  I also like it and now Tofu Scramble is a regular part of our Sunday breakfast.  I usually serve it with whole wheat toast with Earth Balance Spread, soy sausage links, soy milk and coffee.  It's like having our old Sunday morning meals again! 

For the recipie for Tofu Scramble, click here

Our Tofu Scramble Sunday Morning Breakfast


  1. what a wonderful tradition! :) I do love being able to take a little quiet time at the beginning of the day before all of the stress begins.

    Your scramble looks absolutely scrumptious! :)

    PS I'm almost done with your cookies and I had in my cookie dough oats this morning - OH MY WORD is all I can say for both! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Jenny!!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the cookies. It is a great feeling to be able to see others enjoying the things I share! :)