Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why I Will Not "Like" a Post for Cancer

Lately I have seen many FB posts saying to like the post if you want to cure cancer or put a post as your status for the day to help stop cancer. I will never do this and I would like to explain why. I don't want anyone to think that I just do not care, because I do. You see cancer has touched my family and had a very strong effect on me. In my lifetime, I have seen six family members suffer from cancer and have lost four of them. Two of them, I had to watch die before me, an experience that stays will you always. So why am I not willing to promote and spread the hate for cancer on facebook? Because the way to end cancer is not by sharing that you want to stop it and definitely not by raising money to find a cure. The way to end cancer is to start with yourself!

Cancer is too often a result of what we have done to ourselves throughout our lifetime, mostly without even knowing it. Yes there are those that are born with cancer or get it in childhood. But so much of it is a result of our decisions and lifestyle.  You end cancer not by writing a check for research or by waiting for a cure. You end it with personal responsibility...yes I said personal! The problem is in fact the "by stander effect" That everyone is waiting for someone else to take the responsibility, but the responsibility must start with you. You fight cancer with everything you eat, with everything you put on your body, with everything you put in your environment. I heard the other day that they are expecting cancer rates to increase by 75%! Why, as a result of countries adopting a western diet.  That alone should tell us that we are doing something wrong.

We have been raising money for breast cancer for many years, and are still no closer to finding a cure. Why are we so quick to spend the effort to raise money, and then go home and eat something that will contribute to our own cancer?? This must be a personal mission for all of us, to say to ourselves that we are not going to be a victim. It pains me to see places like KFC with pink buckets of chicken in October help cure breast cancer. If they really wanted to help, they would just tell you to not eat their chicken! But they dont' care, it is only a marketing tool to make you feel better for buying your family that bucket of chicken.

What we all need is information and education, that's the best tool for fighting this. I am turning 40 this year and I wish I knew at 5 what I know now. We need to teach our young how cancer grows and what things contribute (like dairy) to the growth of cancer cells so they may make a lifetime of good decisions to ensure a healthy life. You see it is not death that I fear, it is life...a life filled with pain and suffering and living with cancer. I watched this happen to my dear aunt and for 8 weeks I watched her go from being the wonderful loving person she had always been to someone I didn't know and I had to watch her die a little everyday. I became her caregiver and had to take over her life, because she could not live it anymore. Only two years before, I watched her husband die in the ER, after battling with his cancer.

So I may not have cancer, but I do live with it. I will take all the knowledge I have gained and give to my children so they can make good choices. And I now think about cancer with every healthy meal I make and I know why I choose the life I live. Not mostly for me, but for those that would have to live my life for me if I can't. So remember, cancer is not just about you, but for all those that will be forced to suffer with you that you will leave behind. So the next time you get a post asking you to "like" it to stop cancer, think about the things you are doing for yourself, the food you eat, the toxins you spray, the products you put on your body and ask yourself, are you really going to hope they find a cure?


  1. wow. brilliant. i care for my mother who has lung cancer so this hit close to home. i constantly see these facebook posts that you are referring to and i never "like" them. until today i didnt quite know how to put it into words the reasons why i never choose to hit the like button, but you just nailed it. thank you for these words.

  2. I am so sorry to hear your mother has cancer. I am so moved that my words touched you...that is the whole reason for this blog. Being able to reach others and share in experiences is so rewarding and keeps me blogging, even when at times I may feel that no one is listening. Thank you :)