Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh no, my husband needs an intervention!

My husband has had a meat relapse!  I'm not sure exactly when it began, but slowly he has been adding meat back into his diet.  When I first told him that I had made the choice to give up meat (never expecting him to do the same) he said he wanted to give it up with me. As happy as I was to hear that,  I honestly thought it would last about one day and I would hear the sound of bacon cooking for breakfast the next morning; but no, he actually stuck with it and I was indeed impressed! For many months now he as been eating all my veggie meals and complying with the vegetarian lifestyle. He was even bringing tomato and lettuce sandwiches to work as to not be tempted by the endless supply of meat options in the cafeteria in his office building.  I knew that this transition would not be an easy one for him but he seemed to be adapting quite well.

Well, it seems now that my husband needs an intervention! I think I realized this the other night when we order Mexican take out and I got the veggie quesadillas and he came back with steak quesadillas and beef tacos.  I have noticed him slowly eating some meat here and there, usually when we go out to eat because I don't bring any home. Now that I think about it, the last three times we went out to eat, he ordered something with meat. There was the Chinese buffet where I noticed some meat there placed oh so causally next to the noodles and spring roll, the Colombian breakfast that came with ham and sausage anyway so he would have to eat it, and then...the steak quesadillas and beef tacos at Pancheros, where they have a veggie option which is why I ordered from there in the first place.  It seems the meat addict has relapsed and needs an intervention before it's too late! How did I not see this coming? I guess it was going to happen at some point. I must give him credit though; he has lasted so much longer than I thought he would.  He did used to eat meat like a caveman!  Well, hopefully he has satisfied his meat cravings and I can get him back on track.  Maybe he just needs some delicious new vegetarian meals to help him forget all about meat. Maybe we need to stay away from restaurants. Off I go then to find some new veggie recipes to help keep my husband's cravings in check. Wish me luck!

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