Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where does a vegetarain go to get fast food?

Over the last few months, I have been extremely busy (surprisingly since I have been unemployed for the last ten months).  With my daughter having a busy high school schedule and my aunt ill in the hospital, I was spending a great amount of time in the car traveling back and forth. This did not leave me with much time to prepare for meals in the day.  I was never at home to eat, always out and about and I found myself eating on the go.  This of course lead to another problem...where does a vegetarian go to get fast food?  I asked myself this question many times while driving around with nowhere in mind to go. I was lost!  I quickly found myself creating meals out of the "sides" menu at each location. This did not exactly make a great meal! An order of fries with a parfait and an iced coffee became my McDonald's meal.  A side of rice and beans with balsamic tomatoes and a side of corn became my Pollo Tropical meal. And for Burger King, well I just went for the fish value meal (since I am still eating fish).  Needless to say, not only are these meals not the best food choices, but not exactly good for my figure! 

As I left each place I would always ask myself  "Why is it so hard to find healthy vegetarian fast food"?  Yes I know that the burger places have a veggie burger option, well just try to order one and see if they have it...they never do.  Then the cashier looks at you as if you are crazy to want to eat a veggie burger! There has to be a better solution.  I can't even order a salad because they are all covered with chicken .  Yes I can remove the chicken, but then they will just have to kill another to replace it...and then I wouldn't be a very good vegetarian.  I would like a meatless salad topped with wonderful veggies and croutons and maybe some nuts.  And not a "side" salad so I have to order three just to make a meal.  I would also love to have a meatless sandwich option, something other than fish and the nonexistent veggie burger. And maybe some sweet potato fries in stead of the usual fries.  Is all this really too much to ask? Maybe the vegetarian community needs to come together and demands that these places offer us something good and healthy to eat! It's not like you must be a vegetarian to eat a meatless meal. Maybe the non-vegetarians will also enjoy other choices on the menu.  Oh, how I long for the day when someone opens a meatless drive through!! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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